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CroDad & 100 Years po angielsku

CroDad - Vocals
Jarek Meus - Guitar
Lukasz Łaba - Bass
Dominik Klimczak - Drums

The band which consists of an American and three Poles started playing concerts in Krakow in 2004. The first gig was at Kawiarnia Naukowa. The original line up included Łukasz and Dominik as well as another founding member Krzysiek Łochowicz. CroDad, Łochowicz and Łaba worked on the arrangements of the songs for 2 years before a single concert was performed. The music includes unusual changes in time signatures etc. A lot of the songs come from earlier CroDad project from his American bands "IMC" and "Poor Jenny", and the "Liquid Clarks" as well as from his first Polish band "Sexy People" as well as a number of originals. The band has had many member changes, but the Łaba/Klimczak rhythm section has always remained the same and Jarek Meus has been on guitar for over two years. The band has even performed with as many as 9 members including flute and bag pipes.

The live show has been called a theatrical performance by many but also allows the band to improvise and take the music in any direction at any given moment. No one knows what to expect, audience and members of the band alike. It is always dynamic and always different.

The band has recorded three E.P.s (short records)

1) CroDad & 100 Years
2) Acousto
3) Electro

CroDad has performed many concerts in Krakow as well as two concerts at the legendary Muzyczna Owczarnia in Jaworki and Stary Mury in Chrzanow and appeared on Radio Krakow, Radio Plus, Radio Alfa, as well as Muzzowizja TV.

Legendarny występ na SCENIE TĘCZA.

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